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Passport To The Podium is your ticket to acquiring confident speaking skills! As you move through its pages, you will learn many techniques to overcome stage fright while expressing your ideas with authority. Includes lists and outlines for crafting presentations that involve your audience, as well as hints on how to conduct successful meetings. 9”x6” Paperback; 156 pages; $16.95.

Delivering Powerful Speeches is designed for anyone that wants to deliver a presentation with confidence and control. It includes the tools to break the fear barrier, including how to organize, prepare and rehearse a speech. You will also find it packed with information on answering difficult questions, making a television appearance, and becoming a professional paid speaker. 9”x6” Paperback; 200 pages; $14.95.

Now accepting pre-orders. Release date - July 1, 2015
The Leadership Escalator is based on decades of information gathered from successful corporations and associations. Whether you are a an entry level employee, a manager, a business owner, a team leader, or a person that wants more effective communication skills, this book gives you quick steps to escalate your leadership, your confidence, your potential, your profit! 9”x6” Paperback; 250 pages; $18.95.

Now accepting pre-orders. Release date – July 1, 2015
Don’t Let Age or Disability Stop You from life, travel and adventure! A helpful guide for seniors to make every day an opportunity to cherish life, take risks and discover resources. If you are living with a disability, this book offers guidelines, checklists and the motivation to expand your life experiences. Make every day safer and easier - whether you are at home, working, visiting friends, or traveling - as you go from “I wish I Could” to “I Can!” 9”x6” Paperback; 175 pages; $17.95.

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