Our Programs

Don’t Let Age or Disability Stop You!

Enjoying Life, Travel and Adventure on Your Own Terms

There are so many ways that you can travel, work, volunteer, and enjoy life despite age or disability. Every day can be safer and easier whether you’re at home, working, visiting friends or traveling. Go from “I wish I could” to “I Can!” and make every day an adventure!

The following topics are included in our workshop. All topics are customized for the organization or association in our audience.

  • Personal experiences of overcoming obstacles.
  • Ways to avoid a pity party.
  • The benefits of a support group.
  • How to sponsor a support group.
  • Travel ideas for seniors.
  • Making travel possible for the disable.
  • Safety measures for your home and for travel.
  • Checklist for hotels, airplanes, restaurants, ships.
  • Respite for caregivers.
  • Exercise techniques offered by an “Ageless Grace” facilitator.
  • Motivation for the unmotivated.
  • Lists of resources, equipment, programs, and opportunities.