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Create A Positive Image!

Use Professional Verbal & Non-verbal Signals

There are 8 signals that project a polished and professional image. Are you aware of them? Are you utilizing them to your advantage? Do you create an impression of confidence? Competency and leadership?

The following topics are included in our workshop. All topics will be customized to our clients needs.

  • How your behavioral style reflects your positive image.
  • Your gestures speak for you.
  • Posture gives a perception.
  • Language can make you or break you.
  • Etiquette for business that works.
  • Hosting a power event.
  • Developing a strong vocal quality.
  • Standing and delivering a presentation.
  • Why grooming is the first thing people notice.
  • Facial expression is either negative or positive.
  • The #1 quality to project - enthusiasm.
  • The #2 quality - showing an interest in others.
  • The #3 quality - eye contact.