Our Programs

Become a Confident, Fearless Speaker!

Learn 5 Easy Techniques to Influence an Audience

The ability to speak to an audience, express your ideas, opinions and influence others is an important element toward success in life. This program shows you how to lose stage fright, organize a presentation, then stand and deliver.

The following topics are included in our workshop. All topics will be customized to our clients needs.

  • Breaking the fear barrier
  • Your 10 second commercial
  • Preparing and crafting a speech
  • Setting the structure of a presentation
  • How to rehearse a presentation
  • Determining your audience needs
  • Controlling the environment
  • Using presentation equipment and software
  • Drafting your introduction
  • How to involve your audience
  • Handling the question and answer session
  • Conducting a meeting
  • Participating on a panel
  • Meeting the press
  • Planning for the pitfalls